“By nature I am an optimistic person.” 
By the use of  intense colors,  I express that characteristic in my work.
An artistic analysis of our hasty life is expressed in a number of surrealistic works. 

As a strong characteristic of my work,  a versatility of styles has been  quoted (see the book “Views from the studio 01″ (in Dutch), p.91) 

From  January 1 2010 to February 15, 2010 my works were exposed  in the town hall of Mijdrecht, followed directly (from February16 tot March  30, 2010)  by an exposition of works by my students.  

I would like to ivite you cordially to aquaint yourselves with my work, and possibly be encouraged to become enthusiastic about the art of painting in general..

The poster announcing this past exposition has been designed by my students, in such way that that it can be re-used for other purposes as well.